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Hazel Cabena

"Anouska is fantastic!!  She is clearly passionate about her work and explains different approaches to my recurring problems, so through her knowledge and understanding she has helped me a lot. I always feel great when I leave! Anouska is very personable and professional and offers treatments in a very relaxing environment.  I would certainly recommend her."

Anna Hamilton.png

Anna Hamilton

"I have been seeing Anouska regularly over the last couple of years having received a gift voucher from my yoga instructor. Since that very first session, I have had regular massages to help with recurring lower back problems which I have suffered from for many years. Regular visits to Anouska have helped keep my back more mobile, the muscles more supple and, as a result, I have experienced significantly fewer crippling bouts of back pain. Little niggles that have arisen elsewhere are quickly resolved with Anouska focussing on specific problem areas as and when required. Don’t be fooled by Anouska’s slight frame, she’s very strong and equally capable of giving a relaxing therapeutic massage as a deep tissue massage that will reach the parts other therapists might not reach!"

Kat Walczak.png

Kat Walczak

"I can highly recommend Anouska who is a very warm, professional and caring therapist. I first visited Anouska complaining about a number of back aches and tension in my lower back. She really listened to my needs and she worked on the most problematic areas. She has an amazing skill of using just the right pressure to relieve my deep tissue tensions. The results are just incredible, not only I'm pain free but I also feel extremely relaxed which is difficult to achieve having a high pressure job. She is always concerned for my comfort, uses lovely soft towels, lights candles and uses oils that leave my skin smelling beautifully. She also plays a soothing music which creates and amazing atmosphere which enables me to relax as soon as I arrive.
I'm forever thankful and will definitely come back!"

Sophie Gilbert.png

Sophie Gilbert

"I first started seeing Anouska for Neck, Back and Shoulder massages a couple of years ago. It was at a time when I was working with high stress levels, spent primarily sitting at a computer or driving, and I can genuinely say regular treatments with Anouska and advice around posture and lifestyle have protected me from burning out or developing a more serious/long-lasting injury.
I have had numerous treatments with numerous therapists and Anouska is by far the best yet. She is strong and has a firm pressure which makes a big difference, and the setting is peaceful and tidy. Other therapists tend to get stuck in a particular routine delivered to the same to every client. Anouska doesn’t work in this manner; if you discuss with her your problem areas or she comes across a knot or ‘crunchy’ then this is where she will focus her attention in order to get the most out of your time together and alleviate your tension/pain. Additionally, I have numerous skin allergies as well as Eczema, and Anouska has tailored the oils she uses to best suit my needs. I can fully recommend a visit to Anouska."

Amy Gore.jpg

Amy Gore

"I can not sing Anouska's praises enough and can thoroughly recommend her.  Anouska has a kind, welcoming personality and I have never felt rushed whilst having a treatment.  The whole process is very personal and tailored to your needs. She takes the time to really get to know you, and has a wealth of professional knowledge finding the best treatments to help you.  I find it fascinating how an hours treatment makes such a change to my wellbeing."

Jill Fikry.jpg

Jill Fikry

" A visit to Anouska is not a light fluffy cosmetic massage, but deep and specific.  She is always researching and updating her skills and tries different ways to address a problem.  Her room is spotless and warm and she has an unhurried manner that puts you at your ease. She has quite simply got magic hands. And I wouldn't trust anyone else."

Naomi Mulligan.jpg

Naomi Mulligan

"Anouska’s first treatment - I wasn’t sure what to expect; I’d never been for a massage before and I was hesitant to try something new and unfamiliar which makes me sound reclusive I know but I’m so glad I did. I was left feeling like I’d been ironed out and found God – I’m not a religious person but I do believe that our bodies are temples. In that respect I suppose you might call Anouska a priestess?
Anouska’s treatment room is blissfully subdued, central to town, yet quiet. She always makes me feel very welcome and comfortable. She tailors the treatment to my individual needs, assesses the amount of pressure I like and need and explains what she is doing in terms of the techniques she uses and discusses the bones too, which contextualises everything and is reassuring. I never feel rushed or like I'm just a number and her level of after-care is good in terms of her advice for how to continue to feel the benefits post-treatment. If I could carry her around in my pocket maybe I rather selfishly would. "

Samantha Organ.jpg

Samatha Organ

"For over a year, I have regularly been to see Anouska for treatments to help to ease an old sports injury.The Treatments take place in the comfort of her peaceful studio, where she’s always welcoming and puts me at my ease. Constantly keeping up-to-date with her FHT CPD training, Anouska has managed to perfect her already excellent skills to the benefit of her clients. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated."

Wendy Ray.jpg

Wendy Ray

"In March this year I injured my lower back in a fall. I was in so much pain I visited the doctors for help. I was transferred to the hospital for an X-ray and given medication. They also referred me to physio but told me there was a long waiting list so might take a while. The medication eased the pain a little but i decided I'd wait until the pain goes. Unfortunately three months had passed and the pain at times was unbearable. It had moved all the way down my right leg. After numerous visits to the doctors I gave up hope of any help. I had been recommended Anouska by a friend as she had a treatment with her on their back pain before with great results.
The place where Anouska does her treatments is inviting and has such a calming atmosphere. She really took her time in trying to figure out exactly what was wrong, which I was impressed by as she checked all areas in which there might be a problem. Her knowledge is outstanding. It wasn't rushed at all and I felt like Anouska really cared about my well-being. The next day after my treatment was the first day I've managed to stand for my whole shift at work without being in complete agony. She had definitely relieved the source of the pain. I know with a few more sessions I will be free of this nightmare!!

I can not recommend Anouska enough. I am so grateful to her for putting the smile back on my face and letting me get back to my normal every day life!! "

Emma Jones.jpg

Emma Jones

I have been to see Anouska for treatments for many years and she is amazing. You are welcomed into her regency treatment room and made to feel instantly relaxed.
I am a migraine sufferer and so at the beginning of each session Anouska will ask how things are, and then tailor the treatment to my responses/needs. The best part for me is the next day when I wake up and no longer have any pain and feel so relaxed.
If you want a professional, friendly and knowledgeable lady to see, then Anouska is the one to go to. I wouldn't see anyone else and can't speak highly enough of the service she provides.

Jacquiline Barlow.jpg

Jacquiline Barlow

Anouska's treatments begin with a consultation to assess your needs and requirements. She is professional and friendly.
She has helped with my upper shoulder and neck pain treating me with myofascial release which has proved highly effective for me, along with specific exercises for me to help prevent further pain. I have had different treatments over the years with Anouska which have all been lovely, she engages with you to ensure you are satisfied with levels of pressure etc.
Her treatment room takes place in a beautiful regency building that make you feel at ease.
I would highly recommend Anouska for any treatments.

Sarah Bamford.jpg

Sarah Bamford

"I had a number of wonderful massages with Anouska to help with a head and neck problem that I have. Not only were the treatments good for easing all the inevitable tension that arises when there is an epicentre of pain, but I also felt that Anouska treated me holistically. She took time to assess the problem and gave me ideas about how to manage pain and sleep, as well as researching things that might help me with what turned out to be an unusual and hard to treat condition. I will definitely be returning for more massages to help relieve life's stresses and strains and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a massage either because of an injury or because they just want to feel more relaxed."

Linda Williams

"I have been going to Anouska over two years after finding a recommendation on a noticeboard at Cheltenham general hospital. The massages excel all expectations for relaxation or pain relief, her knowledge of anatomy and research for further knowledge of different treatments /techniques are vastly varied for the benefit of her clients wellbeing, which includes myself. I was in a bad car accident over a year ago and Anouska helped me through this difficult rehabilitation period with her expertise i regain my health and strength in my lower back. I have recommended Anouska to friends and work colleagues with enthusiasm, knowing they will find a very high standard of professionalism and a charming friendly person."

Rosamund - Yoga Teacher

"Anouska manages a comfortable regency clinic. I’ve been having massage therapy from Anouska for almost two years and I am much better now than I have been prior to starting treatment. I was diagnosed with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia about 9 years ago. When my muscles go into spasm and would not release, causing constant pain and restrictions, Anouska has worked diligently to bring relief and improvement to my situation. I was very impressed that Anouska listened well to how my symptoms presented and suggested solutions, targeted massage was exactly what I needed and it worked really well.

Anouska is talented and very knowledgeable in her field, employing many techniques such as Deep Tissue work and Myofascial Release, in troublesome areas. She brings passion to her work, if there is something she does not know then she is tenacious in her research, and is committed to her Continuous Professional Development building on her already extensive skill set.

Anouska is a consummate professional at all times, and it has given me great pleasure in recommending her to all my clients and friends as I have every confidence in her treatments."

Beth Lancaster

"I have been seeing Anouska for treatments on a problem shoulder over the last two years and each time notice a marked improvement. Not only is she excellent at getting to the root of the issue through massage and facial release, she is also a fountain of knowledge for small, effective exercises to assist in between treatments.
For someone not usually comfortable in this particular setting, Anouska makes it easy with relaxed regency surroundings and ease of manner."

Julie Boddy

"I would like to say I recently had a wonderful massage by Anouska. It was such a relaxing experience and I felt both calmed and refreshed after my treatment.  I definitely recommend trying a treatment ."

Felicity Griffiths

I was first recommended Anouska, back in March 2015. After having two children, a high stress career and trying to keep fit in between, my neck, back and shoulders were a mess. I would often be completing a 'patch job' with Neurofen and heat packs, just to get going in the day. When I became bed ridden for three days due to the pain, I knew I needed to make a change.
Booking an appointment with Anouska was so easy, she made time for me straight away even though it was late evening. Her techniques and approach soon gave me the muscular release I have been craving for the last Five years. I have been going to Anouska almost on a weekly basis for nearly a year now and can honestly say patch jobs are a thing of the past. Not only is my back, neck and shoulders completely relaxed, my posture is better and I can now come to Anouska for more relaxing treatments as well!

Thank you so much!"

Becky Peake

Treatments with Anouska are amazing. They take you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Her approach and attitude to her workmakes you feel instantly relaxed and I always come away feeling a better person.  I even challenged her with my recent pregnancy and received first class treatment so suitable to my needs.
With her pleasant personality, easily accessible premises and appointment flexibility why would you book elsewhere?

Kirsty James.jpg

Kirsty James

"I am a complementary therapist myself, and I met Anouska on a hands free massage course .

In this testimonial I am going to make two points about Anouska’s work. Firstly her knowledge and style of massage was second to none. I have received a lot of treatments over the years and can tell within the warm up if it's going to be good. Her fluid technique and pressure was consistent. Anouska is very professional and attentive as a therapist. Secondly, her interpersonal ability is outstanding; I am registered blind and can get anxious in new surroundings, but Anouska calmed me with her kind and calm personality. I felt I could relax as she was professional and confident in her role.

We were partners during the course and I felt instantly at ease working with her.

I would highly recommend Anouska as a therapist."


Marissa Nogera

"I suffered from shoulder and neck pain for several weeks, a treatment from Anouska the pain has gone and I feel on top of the world. I also recommend the Indian Head massage. I felt wonderful afterwards."

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